Our customized payment solution is built to meet local needs – we offer the best local solution for every market. We can help you strengthen your customer confidence and reach higher conversion by connecting you and your customer in a seamless payment experience.

We recognize that the importance of instant gratification has never been higher, and our payment solution is designed to help you meet those needs. We offer the speed and reliability that customers have come to expect. Let us help you satisfy your customers by offering them a fast, simple and secure way to pay.

We always aim for 100% coverage in our chosen markets.

As a strategy we never launch a new market without reaching at least 80% of the population, and our aim is 100%. With this strategy we provide our merchants with the best coverage for Online Banking Payments there is – maximizing your revenue both locally and cross border.

our network today covers:
18 countries
4,300 banks
+ 100 million consumers

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The Entercash advantage: One account. One integration.

Entercash is the only provider to combine both payment initiation services (PSD2) and bank-provided method adjusting to meet local needs and improve coverage

More coverage of banks through overlay (PSD2)
Streamlined reconciliation process and AML scanning
Trust and conversion through bank-provided methods in markets where available
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Entercash benefits

Higher conversion rate

Increase sales by up to 30% by offering the consumer our direct banking. 70% of all online customers have more trust in a vendor if allowed to choose payment methods.

Instant transactions

With real-time transactions confirmations, we signal the merchant about successful payments. The merchant is securely paid and can ship the merchandise directly.

No chargebacks

There are no chargebacks in most of the markets we offer, and we never demand any rolling reserves.

Easy integration

API integration is easy and can be performed in any programming language. Needless to say, we provide full support during the integration process.

Returns and refunds

If a product is returned, the merchant can easily refund the consumer directly to their bank account.

Flexible settlements

Settlements are fast and efficient. The merchant can set a specific settlement timeframe or request a settlement via the backend.

Maximum security

As customers use their own familiar bank credentials and security codes, direct bank payment is the most secure payment method on-line.

Customisation and User Friendliness

Entercash has a fully customizable user interface, including colour palettes, branding and iframes amongst other features. All Entercash software products have responsiveness built into the design, which means they automatically adapt to the user’s chosen device.

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Customisation and User-Friendliness

Entercash has a fully customisable user interface, including colour palettes, branding and iframes, amongst other features. All Entercash software products are responsive in design, automatically adapting to the user’s chosen device.

E-commerce: Make use of one of the most popular and trusted payment methods in the digital marketplace

Grow your E-commerce business with cross border sales by providing a customer-preferred payment method. Entercash connects 4,300 banks in Europe, with online banking payments which includes simple yet powerful tools for refunds.

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Online banking penetration in Europe is above 57%, and closer to 90% in the Nordics.

Usage naturally varies from market to market, but in general it’s above 15% and for certain markets it exceeds 70% of total transaction volumes.

With Entercash, conversion is very high. One major benefit with Entercash comes from the fact that consumers are familiar and comfortable with an authentication process that utlizes their existing bank login details.

Refunds is an important task for E-commerce merchants and a central part of the Entercash system. If a product is returned, the merchant can easily refund the consumer directly to the consumer’s bank account.

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iGaming: Instant payments and refunds – the best solution in any market

If you need a seamless, local, real-time payment flow that is custom-built to meet the needs of local markets – then look no further than Entercash. Trust and familiarity-of-use are key drivers to making local online banking options so popular. Adding them to your payments mix will drive up conversion.

We make payments as easy and frictionless as possible, so that your Gamers can get back to the game.

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70% of all visitors say they trust a vendor more if allowed to choose their payment method

Our instant deposits are custom-built for each country to meet local needs. We recognized early on that Europeans differ vastly when it comes to payment habits – therefore we customized our payment system accordingly. We are the only provider to do this – combining both payment initiation services (PSD2) and bank-provided method adjusting to meet local needs and improve coverage.

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Digital Goods: Easy access to local payments in your chosen market

The digital content vertical is changing rapidly and by choosing the right alternative payment method for the particular markets where you are active is crucial for success. Simplifying the payment experience will lead to a great customer experience and increased customer retention. Let us bridge the gap between your customers.

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Increase sales up to 30% by adding a top performing, customer-preferred payment method.

Consumers are not only looking for an easy and secure way to pay, but also increasingly demanding that their preferred payment option is available. Having local banks available can be instrumental in driving up conversion. Moreover, you make sure your customers feel satisfied and secure when making a payment.

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Travel: Secure, large transaction online bank payments, with virtually zero chargebacks

Increase your booking conversions and get a simple but powerful refund tool by adding online bank payments.
Online bank payments are a well-known and trusted payment method, especially with the large transaction amounts which are common in the travel industry.

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80% market coverage in Europe allows you to offer an unrivalled payment service to your travel customers

As alternative payments comprise a very large part of all online transactions it is crucial, from a differentiator perspective, to offer the right payment mix, and with online banking being one of the most preferred alternatives in Europe, it should be your primary choice.

As a Travel merchant it’s important to realize that online bank payments are very secure, with virtually zero chargebacks. When a transaction is executed from our side you will always receive payment.

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Entercash is a young, dynamic Fintech company, rapidly expanding our pan-European merchant client base by providing a secure, real-time bridge directly to their customers’ preferred payment bank accounts, eliminating the need for third-party solutions.

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